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BEL Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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1.Explain 3D radar. 2.Method of mobile signal jamming. 3.Frequency hopping spread spectrum. 4.How does op-amp works in common mode? 5.Which flip flop is known as universal flip flop and why?


how different operators of mobile phones get connected? How the airtel network user get connected to other network users and talk to them?

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tel me the diffference between transistor and bios

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y do v use single anteena in radar any other reason except cost???


explain 4 maxwell equations???

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y do v use microprocessor for cpu's but not microcontrollers??? adv of mp over mc????


wat power transmitter we use in radar n explain its principle??


Difference between SONAR and RADAR? Can we use SONAR instead of RADAR? How can you 'swap' two numbers in two registers (using ALU), without using 3rd register?

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How will you connect a waveguide to a coax?


why does the current through inductor is constant, why current through inductor & voltage across capacitor is constant? can u explin clearly?

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how many states are there in digital watch?

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India is the power supply is 230v 50hz,so why the other countries 110v 60hz AC power supply why?

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I am working in a private software firm for past two years and now i want to switch to electronics company ... if they ask me ==>what I was doing for the past two years what would the appropriate answer to this ... please reply !


Explain the difference between JK Flip Flop and Master slave JK Flip flop.

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BEL Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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