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Virtusa Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Testing Methodologies

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1.How will u write traceability matrix? 2.What is Test summary Report…? 3. What is Test Closure report…? 4.What are the Testing methodologies that u have followed in your project ? reply...............

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what is sdlc

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How will you give estimation when preparing Test Plan

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On which order testing is done regression,retesting,functional,User Acceptance Testing,Usability Testing,Smoke Testing ???

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How smoke testing is done with example??

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what is sign off process in manual testing?

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If you are a test lead. Then how should you know all the requirements are covered in Test Cases if your team member has wrote the test cases?

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Anyone give me the Test Scenario template.

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Where you maintains the Repositories

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What is CVS and why it is used?


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Virtusa Manual Testing Interview Questions

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