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Virtusa Data Stage Interview Questions
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what is the best stage in datastage parller jobs to use full out join and why

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I have oracle enterpaise stage, oracle bulkloader stage, ODBC stage and I want to load data in to target, which of the above stages do I need to use and why?

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I am running a job with 1000 records.. If the job gots aborted after loading 400 records into target... In this case i want to load the records in the target with 401 record... How will we do it??? This scenario is not for sequence job it's only in the job Ex: Seq file--> Trans--> Dataset..

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plz tell me some dimentional and fact table names in banking project?

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there are indexes on a table as index1 with col1, col2 index2 with col2 index3 with col1,col2,col3. if i run a query with col1='100' which index will be used and why

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how to run a sequential file stage in parallel if the stage is used on the TARGET side


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Virtusa Data Stage Interview Questions

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