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Virtusa QTP Interview Questions
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By default Action1 runs first in QTP. Is it possible to start the run with Action2?

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I have a drop down box to show selected number of records in result page.It contains 4 items like 10, 25,50 and 100. when i was recordes script for seelcting each item and checking selecting number of records in the result page( it is in the same page in the table format)it is generating a new page with same controls( objects) in the OR. how to avaid these in OR? is it possible to write DP for only these lines?, remaining(remaingin lines of code) objects i want use from OR only. One more problemis if change ( add /remove properties of an OBJECT in OR , my ( recorded )application is not running.

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How to use library files in QTP? how we can call these files in to script?

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where exactly we can't do the automation testing. give some examples

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How can I replace all the text from the QTP script with some other text. Is there any replace all function in QTP Any one can help me

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How many test scripts are prapare in ur project(HeathCare Insurance).

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Give me diffrent script in QTP for Webpage(Java and .Net),WindowsBased Applications,Java application,.Net application...

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what the diffference between test data and test cases what is meant by object hierarchy in qtp

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How to send QTP scripts to our colleagues?

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Wat is the command used to add an object(properties) to an object repository?

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How do we run a test from the 3rd row of the datatable in QTP? Leaving the first two rows we need to test AUT from 3rd row to n'th row.

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X flies from Hyd to bangalore using different methods of transportation. write the test scenarios and test cases for this?


Suppose there are 100 links in a web page and the number of links will be changing dynamically from time to time. I need code such that every time i had to click on the last link of the web page.

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Can anyone explain me about child objects in detail;when they are used and why do we need them ? please give me sample code for this if possible.

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what are the files created after executing QTP script file, please specify the file names with extensions

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Virtusa QTP Interview Questions

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