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Virtusa Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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What is a Test Plan and What it contains?

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What is Entry and Exit criteria for a Test Plan?

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Explain the V-Model?

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What parameters to consider for Performance Testing?

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Hi All, This is regarding ETL testing. I have 3.5 years of experience in software testing. I have used web and DB testing so far. I am currently projected for ETL testing by using which is very new to me. We are using Informatica for running the sessions and taking the logs. I would like to know whats the process we have to follow for this testing. Ie., From kickoff to signoff. Can please anyone give brief explanation on that. Do we have any certification for ETL Testing??

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what is difference between system testing and system integration testing?

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What are the preconditions or initial conditions before doing the Automation testing?


what is the difference between smoke testing and sanitry testing

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Virtusa Testing AllOther Interview Questions

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