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Torrent Power Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What are the different sizes of cables for H.T and L.T side of supply?

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What is meant by Active and reactive power?

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what is the difference between earthed and unearthed cable?

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What is Vk and Imag i.e Knee point voltage & Magnetising Current? How to calculate above values? How to define accuracy class 5P10?

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In a 11000/440 V transformer, when any one phase of 11 KV supply fails (ie., single phasing), what happens to the secondary voltage and why?

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3. What is Impedance Voltage in Transformer?

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how we can calculate which capacity capacitor bank we have to add for improve pf?

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How to calculate LT Network length in power distribution ? Service cable length considered or not?


what is the advantage of DC Motor over AC motor & Where its applicable ?

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What is the lower limit of megger value for 66/11KV power Transformer ?

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what is frequancy

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how can we generate electricity????

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what is form factor.and rms value..

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why normally Generator rating are between 11Kv to 22Kv?

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What is the difference between neutral and ground?

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