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Symphony Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What are the different types of testing u r doing in ur project

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What is the significance of doing Regression testing?

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What is defect leaking and defect release

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What is Manual and Automation Testing Framework

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can any one please tell me the types of defects in s/w testing

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What is the Difference between 2 tier and 3 tier Applications...Actually what is a tier.. Anybody can body can give accurate answer..Thanks in advance..........

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Generally Where do we concentrate more on the web based applications ex: security testing, performance testing etc....

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Generally how do we do DataBase testing in Manual testing.. Do we prepare any testcases.. Generally do we concentrate more means ex: Joins, Triggers.....Anybody can expalin it in detail..Thanks in Advance....

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What is the difference between Quality Plan and Test Plan Anybody can give answer..Thanks in advance...

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Wht is the Test Harness, Anybody can explain it in Detail..Thanks in advance...

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Wht is the Throughput in performance testing during web based testing, Generally how do we test we use any tool etc....Anybody can explain it in detail...

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How do we find Pass and Fail percentage of Test Cases in Real Time. Anybody can explain it in Detail..Thanks is advance....

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what is the difference between application server and web server?

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what is meant by bug identification ratio?

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What is the difference between a Test Plan and a Test Strategy?

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Symphony Manual Testing Interview Questions

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