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Symphony QTP Interview Questions
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how to write script in qtp(vbscript)..i mean with out application deployed..and how to call script1 into script2?

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While recording a login window QTP is identifying only parent window,then how can u identify the child objects.

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how we do database testing with qtp using descriptive programming?

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Hi every body, I am new to QTP.pls help me if anybody knows the solution. Here is my doubt: I have 3 excel sheets in my local drive out of which one is password protected and i want to get the data of all these xL's either by importing or by reading the data finally i have to update this data in the website.(and the site is secured site) I tried by importing all XL"s one by one but couldn't do so. plss send me the code or atleast suggest me the approach. Thanks in Advance Padmaja

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Hi Suppose u have complex Test scripts which u vl write first and which u vl execute first

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cud anybody please tell me the full form's of the extention files that we use in real time---.tsr,.mtr,.qrs

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Why do we go for Qtp? What are the advantages of qtp? Diff between winrunner and Qtp?

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Which property will you use to check the object state? (Exist)

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Symphony QTP Interview Questions

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