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Symphony C Sharp Interview Questions
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Why multiple Inheritence is not used in C#?

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Asha buys 16 Chocolates for rs 12 and 24 chocolates for rs 20, if she sold them 30 chocolates for rs 30 then what is the Gain/Loss percentage? Gain(700/19 %) Loss(700/19 %) Gain(500/19 %) Loss(500/19 %) If one person ate 100 grapes in 5 days and 6 more each day from starting, what was the no of grapes he ate on first day? 6 8 10 7 If seven men P, Q, R, S, T, U, V parked his car, P and Q something like that. 6 student J, K, L, M, N, O went for picnic in 2 batches, K and L have to go together, M and O do't go together, if O and L go in one batch then which of these combination will be wrong. Jmnp Jklo klop JKLO a boat can go upstream and down stream, if it goes 5/2 times of downstream at the speed of 6 kmph then what will be the speed of upstream? 15 KMPH 12 KMPH 10 KMPH 11 KMPH A, B, C, D, E sitting on a table, A sits 2 seat left from B and C sits 2 seat right from B then what will not be the combination ACDE


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Symphony C Sharp Interview Questions

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