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Symphony Core Java Interview Questions
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how to connect one jsp page to another jsp page????

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Same common question what is Map,Set,HashMap,List????

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how to open and edit XML file in Weblogic???


what is stringtolennizer with example?

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what is prepare statement? what is calabedtarement?

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what is difference between excute query ()and execute update ()?

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Difference between overloading and Overriding. (also asked in PA Consultancy Group,iflex,Value chain,IBM,CTS,Accenture, Tarang>

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What is the difference between jsp and servlet?

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We are seeing so many videos/audios as many web sited. But question is these videos or audios are stored in Databases ( Oracle, Mysql, Sybase,... ) or stored any file directory from there they will give the link for that? Pls explain and give sample code to achieve this one? Thanks, Seenu.


how to execute main()

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Symphony Core Java Interview Questions

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