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Sabic Instrumentation Interview Questions
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what is the procedure to callibrate temp controller ,pressure controller,etc. suppose a temp controller showing error 1.5 degree centigrate how can i minimize it.


explain Cascade Control strategy with the help of a block diagram. also exlain its working in a distillation column

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Why we use 250 ohm resistor in series with HART protocol communication?

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in the construction field why hook up s.s.tubing for transmitter using upto 6mtrs of closed loop, but y not open loop nomore restriction

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how to calibrate transmitter

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what step is taken for ESD ( emergency shut down) in DCS REPLY to


what is the input of ph sensor and meter during the calibration time and what is the output?

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What is Square Root Extractor for?

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We are using Rosemount 5400 series Radar Level Transmitters in all types of Sump Applications having oily water hdrocarbon petrochemical nature. What we are facing the problem frequently is that always getting reading frezzed at some value. If we do power recycling , sometimes it is working . then making same freezing problem. If anybody faced before such type of problem and also having solution , Please give the answer.


how to calibrate transmitter online (in running plant)please explain correct procedure

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What is DCS?

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why we set -10 volt in vibration sensor output,why not +10 volt

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How we can do the linearity test for Bently Naveda Vibration Probe?

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why level transmitter input is given 4to20ma

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how many types of viberation transmitter and how to calibrate and where use of vibration transmitter


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Sabic Instrumentation Interview Questions
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