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RRB Interview Questions
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Is your generator is automated or manual if so do you know the circuits?

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How to analyze the design patterns ?

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what is Loader?

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what is the structure of atomic nuclei and how do complex systems derive their properties from their individual constituents?


What is the name of the first type of building used in Christian Churches?


How would you attach pictures in column headers of List View Control?


Railway Recruitment Board Examination, Kolkata February 2005 Question Paper

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Railway Recruitment Board Examination, January 2005 Question Paper

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General Knowledge & Current Affairs Questions and Answers - Set 1

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what is Neurosphere attachment ?


A man starts his journey from the North Pole and travels a distance of 100 kms. in one direction. Thereafter, he turns towards east and travels another 100 kms. then he turns northward and goes for another 100 kmz. How far he is now from the North Pole ? (a) 0 km (b) 100 km (c) 200 km (d) 400 km

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A photoelectric cell converts (a) Light energy to thermal energy (b) Light energy to sound energy (c) Light energy to electrical energy (d) Electrical energy to light energy

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Which of the following gases makes limewater milky white ? (a) Ammonia (b) CO (c) CO2 (d) Chlorine

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Which of the following districts grows most of coffee ? (a) Coorg (b) Mysore (c) Hubli (d) Bellary

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?CAS? stands for (a) Conditional Audio System (b) Conditional Access System (c) Complete Audio System (d) Complete Access System

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RRB Interview Questions

Un-Answered Questions

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plz send the test scenarios and test cases for "user name should contain 4 to 8 chars and they should have only vowels"


What is a bispecific antibody?


Hi! Greetings of the day. Can somebody tell me about as built duct sheet area calculation method. As we know that for this purpose A = (W+H)*2*L. But I have query about multiplication factors for elbows, tappers, offsets etc if there is any. Also refer the papers if available. Please revert. Thanks in advance.


Name the data type should you use if you want an 8-bit value thats signed?


What are the questions asked for BDM in IT Sector or especially in IBM with accurate answers.


whats the difference between previous version of cognos and cognos 8 BI?


what do you understand by the term string with respect to java?


Enlist diffrent types of inheritance supported by java?


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