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RRB General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The only developing country to win the right to impose sanctionhs on a G-7 trading partner through the WTO dispute settlement mechanism in the famous ?banana disputes? is 1 Brazil 2 India 3 Columbia 4 Ecuador

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. The gas used in a refrigerator to cool water is : (a) Nitrogen (b) Carbon dioxide (c) Methane (d) Ammonia

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. The Chief Minister of a State in India is not eligible to vote in the Presidential election is (a) He himself is a candidate (b) He is yet to prove his majority on the floor of the Lower House of the State legislature (c) He is a member of the Upper House of the State legislature (d) He is a caretaker Chief Minister

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. The Ryotwari Settlement was introduced by the British in the (a) Bengal Presidency (b) Madras Presidency (c) Bombay Presidency (d) Madras and Bombay Presidencies

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. Which one of the following strongly threatens biodiversity? (a) Fragile ecosystems such as mangroves and wetlands (b) Inaccessible habitats in the Himalayas (c) Destruction of natural habitats and vegetation and shifting cultivation (d) Creation of biosphere reserves

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. The first Indian ruler who joined the Subsidiary Alliance was (a) The Nawab of Oudh (b) The Nizam of Hyderabad (c) Peshwa Baji Rao II (d) The King of Travancore

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. Monazite is an ore of (a) Zirconium (b) Thorium (c) Titanium (d) Iron

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. The speed of light will be minimum while passing through (a) Glass (b) Vaccum (c) Water (d) Air

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The element common to all acids is 1 Carbon 2 Hydrogen 3 Oxygen 4 Sulphur

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A person will have brown eyes, blue eyes or black eyes depending upon the particular pigment present in the 1 Pupil 2 Cornea 3 Iris 4 Choroids

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Inside the body, blood does not coagulate due to the presence of 1 Fibrin 2 Hemoglobin 3 Heparin 4 Thromboplastin

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Blood group of an individual is controlled by 1 Shape of RBC 2 Shape of WBC 3 Genes 4 Hemoglobin

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Red blood corpuscles are formed in 1 Liver 2 Small intestine 3 Kidneys 4 Bone marrow

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The maximum temperature the human skin can tolerate without getting blisters is 1 400C 2 600C 3 800C 4 1000C

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Element that is not found in blood is 1 Iron 2 Copper 3 Chromium 4 Magnesium

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RRB General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

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