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RRB General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Who of the following was known as Deshbandhu ? (a) Aurobindo Ghose (b) Chittaranjan Das (c) Dadabhai Naoroji (d) Jyotirao Phule

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In which game the term ?tee? is used? (a) Chess (b) Golf (c) Billiards (d) Snooker

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Kalinga Award is given annually by: (a) Govt. of Orissa (b) Govt. of India (c) UNESCO (d) Jointly by the governments of India and Bangladesh

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Furnish the frequency of Olympic Games (summer) : (a) 2 years (b) 4 years (c) As decided by IOC (d) 6 years

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M K Gandhi was born on October 2. Another famous Indian also born on this day-was: (a) Sardar Patel (b) Lal Bahadur Shastri (c) Rabindra Nath Tagore (d) Bhagar Singh (e) Rajendra Prasad

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Panchatantra was written by: (a) Vishnu Sharma (b) Veda Vyas (c) Valmiki (d) None of the above

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The greatest Indian works of art in metal have been produced in: (a) North India (b) South India (c) North East India (d) West and North India

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?Lakh Baksh? was a title given to the ruler (a) Iltutmish (b) Balban (c) Raziya (d) Qutub-ud-din aibak

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Main bearers of the burden of indirect tax are (a) Manufactures (b) Traders (c) Consumers (d) Tax payers

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What is the approximate time required for a heart-beat? (a) 0.5 second (b) 0.8 second (c) 0.5 minute (d) 1.0 minute

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Who was awarded to ICC Awards-2004 for his achievements? (a) Shane Warne (b) Rahul Dravid (c) Brian Lara (d) Andrw Flintoff

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The Indian king who opposed Alexander was: (a) Ambhi (b) Porus (c) Dhanananda (d) Chandragupta

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Sultana Raziya was the ??? of Iltutmish (a) wife (b) daughter (c) sister (d) niece

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Shivaji was crowned as an independent king at: (a) Surat (b) Poona (c) Raigarh (d) Singhagarh

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Aurangzeb failed to defeat Shivaji because the: (a) Moghul army grew unmanageable (b) Marathas were expert in guerrilla warfare (c) Moghuls had no navy (d) Moghul generals were treacherous

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RRB General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

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