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Polaris SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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1. what is the exact use of hint in sql. 2. How we can avoid index scan in sql even though index is there in the table.

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why we use nocopy?

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what is explain plan?, given an example...

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create a store procedure and created synonms for that store procedure after modify that store procedure will effect on synonms? If we delete the store procedure what happened to that synonms?

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What is meant by Materialized view?

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Main diff between varray and nested tablea

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How to retrieve a second highest salary from a table? Note:Suppose salaries are in duplicate values eg: Name Sal Malli 60000 Pandi 60000 Rudra 45000 Ravi 45000

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What is Function based Index and which type of function we can use in Function base index. can we use aggregate,NVL function in Function based Index..

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How collections are improve the performance?

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Polaris SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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