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Polaris Interview Questions
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What is meant by TROUBLESHOOTING?

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How to create LOV in Oracle forms?

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hai fnds this is srinivasareddy from polaris can anybody tell hw can we connect defectreport from testlab&testplan tabs?

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what is difference between colection and collections?

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if u havea .class file ,how can u say whether it is servlet or not ,dont use java decompliler

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How to select oracle sequence from different schema and How to select oracle sequence from different Databases. Explain with example

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what is the mean of c languages.

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What is the difference between "call" and "callclose"

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what is the script to select 2 or more than 2 options from a listbox.

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We have 10 rows of records in data table, but we have to run 4th, 5th and 6th rows only. How can we handle this scenario in QTP?

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How do you configure shuttle applet

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what is the link between suppliers and banks in ap module in oracle apps? And also query?


If we run a report, that has 2 pages, i want to display one page in HTML format and another page wil display in pdf format. What is the procedure?

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What is rowlevel security ? can u please explain with real time example?


source name sal aaaa 2000 bbbb 3000 abcd 5000 Target name sal aaaa 2000 bbbb 3000 abcd 5000 total 10000 how to get total as new row and sum as 10000 thanks

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Polaris Interview Questions

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