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Polaris Oracle General Interview Questions
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a query to select maxmun 3 salaries of employee table

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How to select oracle sequence from different schema and How to select oracle sequence from different Databases. Explain with example

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One Table having two rows with one colomn having values Like"Male" and "Female". how to upadte these values Like "Female" and "Male" in single update statement.

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in account table account type amount ac1 credit 300 ac2 debit 5000 ac3 credit 3000 ac1 debit 4000 ac3 debit 2000 ac2 credit 4000 write a query how to get sum of credit & sum of debit

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acname actype amount ac1 credit 300 ac2 credit 4000 ac1 debit 4000 ac2 debit 455 ac1 credit 500 how to get sum of credit and sum of debit for each account

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What are various constraints used in SQL?

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Polaris Oracle General Interview Questions

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