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Polaris HR Questions Interview Questions
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why we measure water in liters and oil in kgs?

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I have cleared technical,Hr round in Polaris on 30th April 2010 .The hr also told me that she will send me the offer letter in a day.But i have not received offer letter yet.Why is it getting delayed?Will i get this offer? Plz let me know

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Hi, I had attended interview with Polaris FT, Mumbai for Trainee(Fresher) position on 11th May 2013. I cleared all Aptitudes and HR rounds. on 28th May i got call from Hr that i'm selected in polaris and she asked me to send the documents through mail, a day after i sent them my scanned documents. But i have not received offer letter yet till 6th June. I mailed her and asked abt it, nut no response. how many days it will take ? Also i want to ask, I hold 10 months experience in .Net and SQL development, but its very small company ? should i join as a fresher though? Is polaris a good company to work with ? Kindly answer my questions considering i'm your friend. Thank You.


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Polaris HR Questions Interview Questions

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