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Polaris Informatica Interview Questions
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wht target override?wht advantages it has compare to target update?

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one source to target loading insert new rows and update existing rows?

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following scenario i have 1000 record flatfile source i want ist row to ist target 2nd eow to 2nd target 3rd row to 3rd target how will u do?

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source is a flat file empname, empno, sal ram, 101, 1,000 sam, 102, 2,000 ques: my target needs the data to be loaded as sal -1000 and 2000 excluding commas target empname, empno, sal ram, 101, 1000 sam, 102, 2000 how to implement this?

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source file name xyz a,0,a,a,a b,b,b,0,b c,c,c,0,c target should be like this xyz a b c how to implement this?

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100 records in source and i have 3 targets, my requirement is first record insert into 1st target,2 record into 2nd target,3 record into 3rd target and again 4th record into 1st target like to implement dis?

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my source like dis 10,asd,2000 10,asd,2000 10,asd,2000 20,dsf,3000 20,dsf,3000 20,dsf,3000 like dis and my requirement is first record is inserted into first target and duplicates of first record is inserted into second target dis way ...? how to achieve dis?

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i have two tables,table 1 having 2 columns and 3 rows,table2 having 3 columns and 2 rows.what is the output if i do left outerjoin,full outer join,right outer join?

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we have 30 wf with 3 batches means 1batch=10 wf 2 batch=10-20 wf 3batch=20-30wf through unix First you have to complete batch ofter second batch have to run how can you do in unix?

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source name sal aaaa 2000 bbbb 3000 abcd 5000 Target name sal aaaa 2000 bbbb 3000 abcd 5000 total 10000 how to get total as new row and sum as 10000 thanks

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i have two sources two flatfiles same structure one flatfile contain 100 million recs another flatfile contain 10 million recs i have to connect single target(performance oriented answer) what are the steps we have to do this scenario

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I am having source ENO ENAME LOC 1 A PUNE 2 B MUMBAI 3 C CHENNAI Target ENO ENAME LOC 1 A PUNE 2 B MUMBAI 3 C CHENNAI If a new record coming from source from same location it should directly go to specified location in target at begining EX:if Eno with 4 coming from same Pune, It should directly load into the Pune location col with '|' symbol. Help me its very urgent

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Polaris Informatica Interview Questions

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