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Patni SAP Basis Interview Questions
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What is Transport domain and Domain controller?

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How to re-create missing indexes?

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How to check cpu utilization from o/s level,wat is the command.

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How the system log analysis will work(sm21),how the logs are sended,can anyone explain the behind process.

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what are the previleages before applying support packages.

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how to increase the table space?what are the methods to do that?

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what are activities u will do when long running bkg jobs?

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how to export and import client between two systems?

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How to check how many users have logged in one perticular system e.g say production with their login timing and IP address .. If possible Plz also see is there any option using which we can also find that datewise ?

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how to assign a object to 100 roles at a time.

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how can a User be able to access only for Customized roles when given pfcg, su53, su56 access?

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Patni SAP Basis Interview Questions

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