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Patni SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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What is the difference between LSMW and BDC?

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In ABAP What is the Use of "FOR ALL ENTRIES" Clause & when it is being used. And what it really does?

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difference between report and module pool

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what is difference between commit and rollback.?

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what is Foreign key, check table and value table ....? what is the difference between CHECK AND VALUE TABLE ..? PLEASE GIVE THE APPROPRIATE ANSWERS......

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wat is a source list?

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In select-options,how to make high as madatory.....?if we use obligatory we'll get the low as madatory by default?

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What is the Difference between Transparant Tables , Pooled & cluster Tables?

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In se11 -->Tech. settings --> Data class. If I save table as Mater data OR Transaction data, what effect will it has for 'Storage' in Database after activation. or In Database how it will store in both the cases.


In table control how to maintain 10 records in first page, other 10 records in ohter page?

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In SAP Query with out know user that query can we execute?

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How can we create Search Help, without using table field? for example I have two fields in one table and I required one more field in search help how?

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Patni SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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