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Patni SAP Security Interview Questions
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When validity of role is over its profile get deleted from master record but corresponding role remains as it is, Why ? Can we delete it automatically ?

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What is difference between two sentences 1: " Using SUGR we allocate user to group ". 2: " In SU01 in Logon data we assign user to group " So, What is assigning and allocating ?

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What is Use Of SM35P and SM35 , Is there any difference between these two ?

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What is use Of SHDB (Transaction Recorder) ?

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How can we Lock transaction ? What happens exactly ?

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How many Single roles can be added in one Composite role ?

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What is use of System Task Tab on menubar in PFCG ?

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What is mean By Start Profile, Default Profile, Instance Profile ? What is difference between these ?

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what is difference between se16N and sm31?

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What is use of SNC tab in SU01 ? Please explain in detail.

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What is use of Licence Data tab in SU01 ? and they have types like CAT-II,CAT-III,CAT-IV what is its use then ? Is there any difference between these ?

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How to check to which web links user has access ? bcoz its not there any option in SUIM for this search and we add web links/reports while creating role. So how to check that ?

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If I just want to give any user authorization to create role but not to copy from any role so how can I do this ?

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How can I find List of users in system who dont have any role assigned (Role Tab Blank) but created in system ?

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what is the user table including account number and cost center in one table?

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Patni SAP Security Interview Questions

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