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Patni SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Is it possible to assign two different sales organization to the same company code?

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In SD,MM,PP,FICO what are the highest organizational units?

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Why does the customer master have different views?

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What are the different partner functions can a customer master record serve?

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How can we process out bound delivery without shipping point?

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What is the difference between STATIC CREDIT and DYNAMIC credit

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Kindly somebody explain me the whole ticket process in SAP SD and please give some live example. It woul b a great help

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what is application key in account determination where its mentained. plz ans its urgent

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recently i gave an interview, in that they ask me, in implementation project will do some configuration of organizational data in our sd based on the client request, the question is here, on what basis we are doing the configuration,its in which format, how we get this information, and how to start work in progress based on this? Pls answer me its very urgent. thanks in advance

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If a partner works as a dealer and distributor and have the same master data. How does the system identify if its a dealer or distributor function? Where is the differentiation done?

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Patni SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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