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Patni JCL Interview Questions
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What are the maximum and minimum sizes of any CONTROL AREA (VSAM datasets) ?

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Write a jcl to execute a job by 7 a.m on Jan 20,1986 ?

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Hi, My dataset have multiple records, say 100. I want to start copy records only after a record contain a specific value that may be in a specific position. Secondly I want to stop copying rest records if certain record contains a specific value. Can it be done using SORT/ICETOOL utilities?

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how to run JCL thru COBOL.

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what happens if job falls in loop ? how to resolve it ?

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i created one base gdg with lrecl = 100 , now i need to create versions with different lrecl =150,200 can it be possible to create like tht ?

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how to allocate a dynamic dataset in jcl ?

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In JCl which of this activities get executed if act002 abnormally terminates //job001 job ......... //act001 exec pgm=cobo01 //act002 exec pgm=cob02, cond=(01,le) //actoo3 exec pgm=cob03, cond=only //actoo4 exec pgm=con04

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How do you find which GDG is using which dataset?

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whats the difference between empty and noempty of GDG?

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Explain COND used in JCL?

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Whats error code s222?

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whats SOC7?

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in my jcl have 20 steps step1,step2,.... step20.and i have to execute step1,step2,..and skip the step3 and remaing step4,step5 are execute? i want skip step3 only? what code u can write?

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Patni JCL Interview Questions

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