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Patni Informatica Interview Questions
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What is performance tuning in informatica. What measures you will take if some thing is taking much time in your process of ETL?

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What is synonym?

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what is lookup chache?

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what is the mechanism of the Master-Detail joining condition?

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Do joiner transformation use cache? If so describe?

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I have source table 100 records after run session successfully but loads the target table 50 records only what happened that 50 records and how can i load remaining 50 records

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suppose in my source flatfile i have 10000 records in that some of master table records missed table records missed then what will u do


how will u take the data from clint server and next what u do in datamodeling what u will u do in staging area what u will u do next what u are doing please give the step by step by process


in mapping i have one source and five targets in that data will be loaded into four targets properily in one target the data is not loaded how will u rectify

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in realtime which situations u can use unconnected lookup transformation

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in flatfile target how can u create header and footer plese give me the comands how will u write in session properties

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tell me some dimension tables names in banking domain informatica project(dont tell like depends on project, tell me names of dimension and fact table names in your project)?

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Patni Informatica Interview Questions

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