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Nabard Interview Questions
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What are Mutual Funds?

12 41597

Are you applying for other jobs?

4 10545

Do you know anyone who works for us?

3 11702

Do you have any blind spots?

2 26086

what is your strength

47 87995

what is repo rate?

147 184103

what is bank rate?

22 66937

what is sensex and nifty.

8 14823

what makes you angry?

1 1793

Can you work independently?


What is Cheque

6 4897

What is Recession?

6 8451

Expand ________GST

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4 4430

I do have NABARD mains exam on 19 July. I do not have idea how to prepare for that Exam. If any body else is also preparing for it than come together and we all will move together towrds success. This is requested that if any body have any idea about prepration than please discuss.

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