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ME Interview Questions
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Hi,my name is R.S and for the first time i am going to apply to visa for canada.Related jobs so i want to know what kind of quations they will ask to me and how i should answer of that quation??plz reply to me


how is the present position in hyderabad consulate can anyone tell me about percentage of accepting h1b visas?


Hi, my file has been selected in 2008 quota. I've my file no. My consultant is not allowing me for stamping or interview till the market goes well in US. I dont have any other document except file no. can i go for stamping jst on file no. without knowing my consultant? I want to go US what should i do?

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At site, we have 30Kw motor (3 phase, 400V,50Hz) and FLC 54A as per the nameplate. At the time of starting it draws 840A instead of 390A (7.2%). As per the data sheet also its 390A starting current. it thru a dol starter from the MCC. can anyone tell what is the problem in the motor

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plz explain TSM and PSM.with example suppose ct ratio is 4000/5 and tsm is .15 and plug is at 3.75 if fault current is how i find relay oprating time.

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my friend has done one project using .NET framework with C# coding and backend SQL Server 2005. In it, he has prepared and execute the test cases and stored that in the centralized database. in software testing, Do the testers do like this or use excel sheet to store the test cases? tell me .... i have so confuse.. pls anybody answer me as quickly as possible

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Hi to all... I Want Weight Details of the alternator for making free power energy.


what are the types of starter ?

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one conductor length is L.and i am strech uniformly this conductor and made length is resistance of this strech conductor is R=4R..but i want to know about area of stech conductor hows it become a/2..


how to get a job in stock markets for MBA-FINANCE?


how can i come to same questions after get answer of one question from table,because if i click for one answer and after get the answer i try to come back on same questions i cant access them the questions change, it break up my link and i jummp here and there so plz tell me the way by which i can back to the same page of questions so can continoue my proper notes thanx

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how can we join one oracle & flat files ?

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How fast can a shadow move ? If a moth fly's in front of a very bright room temperature light powerful enough to light up Saturn like the sun could it's shadow move faster then light if there was no light diffusion.


Hi, every one aim new to automation testing(QTP),aim looking for software versions any. If any one can HELP me that will be great. Thank u.(9620427211,Bangalore)


Hi, I have got approval notice for 2009 H1b. I haven't appeared yet for Visa interview. 1) has anyone appeared for current year and 2 ) hows response of Consulate 3 ) any opinion when should go to US and Visa Interview.


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