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Apollo Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the rating of your capacitor bank at your company.

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what is difference between AC VVVF drive & Dc VVVF drive explain their working principle?

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what are the main parts of UPS what is the function of that?

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how to calculate the size of cable for 100 kva load,?can somebody tell me with a formula

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How to calculate total harmonic distortion level(THD) in VFD? and how can we reduce harmonics?


Why the rating of dc machine is in HP??/ Do reply guys..Its very important......

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why transformer ratinh is in KVA????/

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What is reason of rating of transmission line multi pal of 11 like as 11/33/66/220 ? Why not use 75 kv 23 kv line in power system ?

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ac and dc motor advandtage,disadvantage,aplication

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how capacitor control the power factor/

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Which Current transformer will be bigger in size, 400/5 or 400/1 & why?

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how to check three phase motor torque value?


My energy meter ratio is -/110/root 3,1A and connected line CT is 100/1,PT is 11kv/110 so what is the MF for meter

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how to calculate the ac and dc wire losses with calculations plz tell me

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Is electro plating what type of load whether resistive, inductive or capacitive loads


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