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Apollo Lab Technicians Interview Questions
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24 hours Urine Normal Volume?

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In Benle Jones protein test, if it has given positive, what will that we can identify?

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What is the instrument is used in the specific gravity test for urine?

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What are the two ranges of temperatures that maintained in HOT AIR Oven?

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What is the micro filarial parasite name?

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Pasteurization temperature maintained at?

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What will be sterilized in the part of Seitz Filter in the sterilization?

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When we bitten by Malaria mosquito what will be injected to human body?

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What is the type of lamp that is used in the Colorometer?

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What is the temperature that maintained in Spisation method of Sterlization ?

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Specific gravity for normal range of Urine?

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What are the medias that should be sterilized in Inspiration process?

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What is the Normal range for fast blood sugar?

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what r chrithidial forms of leishmania donovani?

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what is the difference between plasma and serum?

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