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Keane India Ltd SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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what are Joins? How many types are there?

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What are the various types of BDC's?

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what is the Difference Between session and call transaction?

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what is ALE?

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what is the use of FOR ALL ENTRIES in an internal table?

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what is an instance?

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what is Application server?

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what is Work flow?

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what is the purpose of TYPES keyword?

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How do you define an internal using types?

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what will you do in Recording method?

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what is an HIDE technique?

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what is ECC in current version of sap r/3 ECC6.0. what is full form of ECC6.0?

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Hi all Could u please tell me the answers for following questions, Why we need IDocs...? What is the purpose of IDocs...? Thanks in Advance, Sanjeev.K

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Hi Gurus How do u do performance analysis means and what is the diffrence between extended syntax check and code inspector and how do use them to test the performance of the any abap program ?

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Keane India Ltd SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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