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Keane India Ltd ASP.NET Interview Questions
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Different type of validation controls in ?

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Difference between server.Execute and response.redirect ?

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What is Response.Flush method ?

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How Response.flush works in server.Execute ?

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What is the need of client side and server side validation ?

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Tell About Global.asax ?

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What is application variable and when it is initialized ?

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Tell About Web.config ?

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When web.config is called ?

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How many web.config a application can have ?

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How do you set language in web.cofig ?

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Difference between abstract factory pattern and factory method pattern in .NET with example.

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can we call web service from the browser?

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If you are using two select queries and retrieving data. how do you access second query's result set using data reader?

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Using shadow variable is good or bad for application?

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Keane India Ltd ASP.NET Interview Questions

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