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Keane India Ltd SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Can We change the account group of customer master?

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Does delivery documents have any pricing procedure or condition types attached to it?

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What is header condition type and in sales order how header condition type gets it value? Do we maintain access sequence for header condition types?

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A company sells his product in two locations, US and Europe. For Europe customers final amount should be in EUR and for US customers final amount should be in USD. Where do you maintain these settings, so that whenever you change USD to EUR or Vice-versa, amount will get converted automatically according to the exchange rate.

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In intra company stock transport order, there will be no billing document. What enhancements can you think of if Client wants to see the amount of goods transported from Plant A to Plant B.

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What all issues come especially in pharma projects.What are the business scenarios we are using in the pharma projects

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Hi Experts,In a third party Sales Order process suppose the Sales order has quantity 50 but the vendor delivers only 20 item quantity then how does the business knows that the vendor has delivered only 20 pieces qty only? I have been asked this question in a recent interview. Please answer to this question asap....

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Hi Experts, In Revenue Account Determination What is the need for us to copy as SAP Standard Condition Types Revenue Account Determination Types KOFI and access sequence KOFI and Revenue Account Determination Procedure KOFI00? What is the rationale behind / logic to copy SAP std for condition types, access sequence ,revenue account determination procedure and account keys as we can use it as it is from SAP standard? I have been asked this question in an interview? Please answer to this question asap....

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Hi SD Gurus,Have you worked on Variant Configuration? If so explain about the steps involved in Variant Configuration? I have been asked this question in a recent interview. Please answer to this question asap....

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A sales order generated before u change a material price in material master. It will not create the delivery for the same sales order. What customization u have to do. Please suggest

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While creating a sales order i va01,if u will give of sales document type and give sales area and press enter. whenthe screen will come with sold to party, if u will not give sole to party ,system will search for what to ful fill that place.

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Apart from material swaping what is the use of material determination.what all the places we can use condition technique ( except pricing). Please give real time example.

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Without maintaining customerpricining procedure(CPP) can we maintain pricing procedure determination, if yes then how.

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If customerwants to maintain safety stock for availability what is the configuration we have to do.

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How many accounting documents generated during billing? and PGI

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Keane India Ltd SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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