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Keane India Ltd ADO.NET Interview Questions
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Write steps of retrieving data using ?

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Call a stored procedure from and pass parameter to it ?

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Keane India Ltd ADO.NET Interview Questions

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1. when we r doing interface/conversion which things u will take care to improve the perfrmonce?(except bulk collect) 2. In conversion,u r loading the data using sql*loader,I dnt want to use sql*loader,& i have millions of records,Id der any way to load the data withing fraction of time considering best performance. 3. When u r doing conversion,taht using sql*loader u r loading data into staging table,u r writing control file bt I dnt want to use sql*loader,when u r creating con prog that time can we pass all values from flat file using paramere,valuset?how? 4. In flat file u got 50 records,out of 50 ,30 records are proceesed & inserted into base table,after taht clien understood that 1 item having wrong name e.g insted of ABC he given DCE, so can we delete?hw?(client permission is der) i have lot of wrong item name randomly spreaded,can we delete it?hw? 5.after doing validation hw u will follow approach to error out records?if i want to send all the error out records to client daily,whats ur approach? 6. In outbound interface is der any way to load the data(large data-millions of records) except UTL_FILE package? 7. what is parsing? 8. In technical doc.s which section will mention?except code? 9. Do u have any idea about code depository tool? 10.whats is performance tunning,DB link? 11, How u will do RMA?


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