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Keane India Ltd JCL Interview Questions
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Can you execute a PROC from another PROC?

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hi guys what r the diff types of procs in jcl? bye ramya

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Immediate Job opening for mainframe professionals in Keane Bangalore. Please find the below details: Organization: Keane India Location: Bangalore Skill: COBOL, JCL,VSAM,DB2,CICS,IMS,REXX,CLIST Exp: 1 to 4 years only Employment Type: Permenant Employee Note: If you have attended keane interview in past 6 months please ignore this job opening. Please respond to email id OR with your latest resume and following details, We will contact you within 24 hours: Total IT Exp: Exp in Mainframe: Current CTC: Expected CTC: Notice Period:


how to resolve sb37,sd37 se37 abends

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delete rules in db2

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how to compress the data set

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Keane India Ltd JCL Interview Questions

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