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JSW Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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which type of oil is used as a transformer oil?

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can we use inductor in case of d.c.,if yes then what will happen in circuit

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Why do we will ground the positive terminal in electrostatic precipitator


using n1*n2 which type transformer is made; where n1 is primary turn and n2 is secondery turn

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why voltage is low at reciving end in summer??

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how to calculate fuse rating for a motor

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how to test a motor from megger

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how to set relay setting? and example calculation...


In dc motor starter there is less voltage required for holding contactor that's may why it is called no volt coil. but in ac starter why holding contactor is called no volt coil.

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why inverter rating is in KVA

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how to determine the size of power cable according to load current

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A synchronous machines has higher capacity for (1) Leading power factor (2) Lagging power factor (3) Does not depend upon the power factor of machine (4) None of the above

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Why Closing coli supervision is not required for Circuit breaker.

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What is the use of starter in tube light it works.

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What is difference between MCC,PMCC,PDB?

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