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IIT Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what happen when dc shunt motor field is sudden open in running condition

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what is MFD value in capacitor?I have 201 Kva load & reactive power is 150 Kvar. so how it is calculated?

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hi i will completed pls send rrb diploma old qustion papaer sent in my e mail. i.d.


wat is syncronization . wat parameter will take for syncronization.

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what is difference between c-power & u-power air circuit breaker?

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whats is the role of power factor in designing a tariff structure?

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Three way plug point is there ,in that plug why we need earth pin is bigger than compare with phase and nutral pins?

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Why we use Capacitor in Single Phase Induction Motor?

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what happens in the primary side of the transformer if transformer is short circuited first and increasing the resistance of the short circuit gradually?

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what happens in the short circuited secondary transformer,if the resistance of the short circuit is increased gradually?


what is the difference between RMS & TRUE RMS VOLTAGE


What is the Difference between Ac Drives and Dc Drives? According to application, speed, Torque, cost, Reliability, Construction, Motor etc... Thankyou !!!


whats the existence of reactive power and when it arises?


How can we get d.c series motor characteristics by using a.c induction motor?

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Why do you get a typical sound when the transformer is put into operation?

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IIT Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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