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IIT General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The term ?Diamond? is associated with the game of: (a) Bridge (b) Baseball (c) Basketball (d) Billiards

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Valentina Tereshkova is famous for being the: (a) First woman pilot (b) First woman in space (c) First woman on the moon (d) First female engineer

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The largest producer of iron ore in India is: (a) Madhya Pradesh (b) Jammu and Kashmir (c) Jharkhand (d) Orissa

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The most malleable metal is (A) Platinum (B) Silver (C) Iron (D) Gold

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Chloroform is slowly oxidized by air in the presence of light to form 1 Formic acid 2 Formyl chloride 3 Phosgene 4 Trichloroacetic acid

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. Toramana belonged to the ethnic horde of the (a) Scythians (b) Hunas (c) Yue-chis (d) Sakas

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. The speed of light will be minimum while passing through (a) Glass (b) Vaccum (c) Water (d) Air

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During the Mughal period, who were the first traders to come to India? 1 Portuguese 2 Dutch 3 Danish 4 English

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who is the father of pakistan

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IIT General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

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