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IIT Interview Questions
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Three containers have their volumes in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5. They are full of mixtures of milk and water. The mixtures contain milk and water in the ratio of 4 : 1, 3 : 1 and 5 : 2 respectively. The contents of all these three containers are poured into a fourth container. The ratio of milk and water in the fourth container is (a) 5 : 2 (b) 157 : 53 (c) 151 : 48 (d) 4 : 1

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Who among the following can be removed from office through impeachment by Parliament ? (a) Speaker of Lok Sabha (b) Prime Minister (c) Vice-President of India (d) President of India

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To be recognized as a National Party, a political party must earn recognition in a minimum of (a) Two States (b) Three States (c) Four States (d) Five States

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differentiate between named & unnamed pipe.

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what is difference between c-power & u-power air circuit breaker?

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the three lamps are connected in series 40w 60w 100w at 230mains which lamp glow brightly....

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write a c++ program to illustrate anexample of hierarshical inheritance?


what happens in the short circuited secondary transformer,if the resistance of the short circuit is increased gradually?


what are the applications where bearing should not be used though it can be used(economy may be 1 of the reason)


what is the difference between RMS & TRUE RMS VOLTAGE


id 35.00mm ,od 72.00mm & width 23.00mm .how to calculate bearing number.

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What is the Difference between Ac Drives and Dc Drives? According to application, speed, Torque, cost, Reliability, Construction, Motor etc... Thankyou !!!


Why EMI is very low in optical fiber,while frequency is very high? As we no that in general condition frequency inversely proportional to EMI.

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what is a FACTS devices? what is mean by STATCOM????

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IIT Interview Questions

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