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IIT Interview Questions
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what are hindered bases and how are they different from neucleophiles and bases

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Three friends went to hotel for breakfast . After having breakfast total bill was Rs 25 . Each one contributed Rs 10. So total was Rs 30 . 30 is paid. waiter gave Rs 5 back to them . Three friend gave Rs 2 tips to waiter . From remaining Rs 3 each one took one rupee. As each one contributed ten . And each friend recieved one rupee back. Means each one had breakfast in nine rupee. So three friend had breakfast in 9+9+9=27. And Rs 2 is given to tips to waiter. So total money for breakfast for three friend was 27+2=29. Where is remaining one rupee?

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1. Finding out probability using all the methods-pdf distribution,uniform distribution,normal distribution, Gaussian distribution,independence of events, Bayes theorem. 2. C++ questions(for-loop,arrays,fuction overloading,recursive functions) 3.Algorithm checking 4.Stacks and Linked Lists 5. Analytic Questions(Hard not easy) 6.PnC 7.Questions on Chess Board

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IIT Interview Questions

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