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Amdocs Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is smoke testing?

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Differentiate test bed and test environment?


how do u do smoke test for login page which has username , password, ok, and cancel buttons

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how do u make severity , suppose login page has been sucessfully passed and entered in 2nd page instead of 1st page. what is ur reaction .

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Which metric is used for extent of testing? a.)User Participation b.)Acceptance criteria tested c.)Test Cost d.)Test Automation

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Which Tests the whole system rather than software? a.)Blackbox testing b.)Whitebox testing c.)Stress testing d.)Mutual testing

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Which is not present in formal review? a.)Facilitator b.)Auditor c.)Author d.)Recorder

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What is the goal of Software Configuration Management(SCM? a.)Configuration Identifier b.)Configuration Control c.)Process Management d.)All options.

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What is integration testing? And what are the different types.

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What do you mean by Cause Effect Graphing? in which standard its mentioned?


How many tabs are in QC?Name some tab

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When bug is raised ?

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give on example of regression testing, u did in yuor projec?

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In whic page of QC , we run our Test case, or from where we run our Test cases from QC?

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what is oss testing?

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Amdocs Manual Testing Interview Questions

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