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Amdocs Informatica Interview Questions
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There are 4 flat files with number of records as indicated below. Which files should be picked first for joining using joiners so as to get best performance. File A - 1000 records File B - 100 records File c - 10000 records File D - 10 records Please explain. Thanks and Regards,

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The structure of source file is as below: Source structure(two fields) Name, Card NUmber A, 111111111(SSN) A, 01010101(Creditcard number) A, 34343434(Debit card number) B, 55555555(Creditcard number) C, 77777777(Debit card number) Target Structure(4 fields) Name,Credit card,SSN,Debit card A,01010101,111111111, 34343434 B,55555555,, C,,,77777777 Corresponding to one name there can be maximum 3 rows and minimum zero rows. Given that I do not know which record might have a particular type of number. How can I handle above requirement with informatica transformations?

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If I have set the property Treat Source Rows as Insert and for the target properties I have checked the boxes Update as Update, what will happen to incoming rows? What exactly is the use of these check boxes and in which scenarios we use them. Also what is the sequence in which informatica understands these properties.Does it takes whatever is defined in treat source rows as property or it is in any other way. Please explain.

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What is the role of informatica in project ?Like i showed financial projects?

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Why we require dwh in particular projects?

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Where we use dynamic lookup and where we use it?do we generate surrogate keys using dynamic lookup?can we use it for scd type 2 mapping and why?

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If we use sorted ports in aggregator transformation and somehow records are not in order by format so what will happen,session fails or it succeeded with incorrect data?

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What are the issues u have faced in ur project? Guys pls answer to dis question.Due to this question I have failed in 3 interviews.

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Any one tell me some 5 session failure in real time?And why problem occur how to solve the issues?

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My source is like bellow F.NAME M.NAME L.NAME A B C D E F G H I and out put should like S.NO F.NAME M.NAME L.NAME 1 A B C 2 D E F 3 G H I 4 UNNOWN UNNOWN UNNOWN How can we acheive? please explane me indetail

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I have a scenario with router transformation. but i dont want to capture records from default group. how can we achieve this.

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while creating the scd mappings. we will mention flag value. what exactly the use of defining the FLAG VALUE. Please explaine indetaile

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Hi 2 every one. i dont have real time experience, and please suggest me for following questions. a) we get the source data from what type of source systems? b) In banking domain project what are the FACT & DIMENTION tables please list out them? c) please write some colomn names in a table? Please reply for aboue questions?..... Thanks in advance.

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My source is EmpID, Salary- (101, 1000)(102, 2000)(103, 3000). In the Target I want the following EmpID, Salary, Composite_Salary- (101, 1000, 1000)(102, 2000, 3000)(103, 3000, 6000). Please guide on how to build the mapping.

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Amdocs Informatica Interview Questions

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