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Amdocs Data Stage Interview Questions
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Hi every one, I am Suneel. I/p o/p --- ----- suneel suneel suneel suneel suneel suneel how it will get. Please design job with explain. Thanks.

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Hi dude, i/p eno ename date edate deptno 1 x 10thjuly 30july A 2 y 10th aug 30 aug B 1 x 1aug ------ A 3 z 1jan ------ c 2 y 1sep ------ B o/p is eno ename date edate deptno 1 x 1aug ------ A 2 y 1sep ------ B 3 z 1jan ------ c Here edate is System generates we don't know that value. Please design the job by using SCD stage and Sql query. If any body know this answer please tel me. Tanks.

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I am getting input value like X = Iconv(ā€œ31 DEC 1967ā€,ā€Dā€)? What is the X value? How it is? At what situation we r used Iconv(),Oconv().

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Amdocs Data Stage Interview Questions

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