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Amdocs QTP Interview Questions
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Does UNIX support QTP? If not what is the other tool used for Unix environment?

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I've some problem in Descriptive programming plz help me. I've written in a click event code in Functional library when I run this flight reservation program It is not run. How to I write multiple click event in functional library. My program is this. I have associate an action with functional library. Public Function ClickButton(byval ApplicationName, byval WindowName, byval ObjectName, byref Comments) If Dialog("text:=" &WindowName).WinButton("text:=" &ObjectName).Exist Then Dialog("text:=" &WindowName).Activate Dialog("text:=" &WindowName).WinButton("text:=" &ObjectName).Click Elseif Window("text:="&ApplicationName).WinButton("text:=" &ObjectName).Exist Then Window("text:=" &ApplicationName).Activate Window("text:=" &ApplicationName).WinButton("text:=" &ObjectName).Click End if End Function

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Amdocs QTP Interview Questions

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