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Amdocs Core Java Interview Questions
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What is singleton class?

16 54696

what is difference between colection and collections?

25 54931

whst is encapsulation?when u encpsulate actually while devoloping code?

7 4877

what is the use of abstract class?

3 4625

what is ennumaration?

2 4233

what is difference between servletconfig and servletcontext?

3 4641

what is custom tags with example?

3 3101

what is connection pooling with example?

3 7855

What is the difference between Abstract Class and Interface

8 9857

what is the difference between sleep() and Wait()?

10 40115

Difference between JVM and JRE?

3 4025

How to Create A Wapper Class in core Java and Why are Use in java?

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i wrote vbscripit code in notepad i got error i am in learning stage if u ps tell me what wrong in my code my error is "object required descriptive at line one run time error"and my code is "set usernameobj=Descriptive.Create() usernameobj( "name").value="Username" set passwordobj=Descriptive.Create() passwordobj("name").value="password" set signinobj=Descriptive.Create() signinobj("name").value="sigin" browser("gmail").page("gmail").WebEdit("usernameobj").set ("enter username") Browser("gmail").Page("gmail").WebEdit("passwordobj").Set secure.Crypt.Encrypt("enter password") browser("gmail").page("gmail").WebButton("siginobj").click


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Amdocs Core Java Interview Questions
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