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Amdocs Core Java Interview Questions
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What is singleton class?

16 54324

what is difference between colection and collections?

25 54512

whst is encapsulation?when u encpsulate actually while devoloping code?

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what is the use of abstract class?

3 4587

what is ennumaration?

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what is difference between servletconfig and servletcontext?

3 4569

what is custom tags with example?

3 3054

what is connection pooling with example?

3 7775

What is the difference between Abstract Class and Interface

8 9767

what is the difference between sleep() and Wait()?

10 39853

Difference between JVM and JRE?

3 3972

How to Create A Wapper Class in core Java and Why are Use in java?

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Un-Answered Questions

WS-NUM PIC S9(05)V(02) SIGN TRAILING SEPARATE MOVE '0050000+' TO WS-NUM The value stored is 00500,00+ MOVE '0050000-' TO WS-NUM Then what is the value will be stored in WS-NUM? Am getting '-00500,00'.....>>> What should I declare to WS-NUM so that I can get correct values for both + & - signs.


temp of cast resin 1500kva tx formerwent up to 138.c but came down very fast to about 100.c within 20 mins when load was reduced from 70% to 60%


plz tell me the difference b/w PB/MF based appl.with examples. Thanks


Draw Sequence Modal of DAO? Explain.


Explain Speech Coding.




What is the contacts definition and function....?


how  do you choose the cable size as per amps rating & the voltage drop for the same.


which is better to use svc or synchronous condenser why ?


Hii friends, i am a fresher, and i am looking a career in recruitment side, i am attending so many interviews, i am very bhoring with self introduction part, where ever go there are asking self intro, i want present to my self in different way. so if you have any ideas about this please share your ideas to my mail id..


where images can be stored in j2me?


plants release O2 only during daytime but respire 24 hrs giving out CO2 but are said to purify air? How?


What is the working formula for Working Capital Turnover


Can anyone pls tell me in realtime (descriptive programming) how will the properties of the object be given to the test team. R they given in an excel sheet and is the same sheet also given to the development team and by whom is this given? Thanks a lot.


hi... this is murali... i've attended for brigade interview for the first time...and got rejected in final technical hr round... can u sujjest me some questions on Windows XP Operating System, Ports and their pins, USB's, Basic Troubleshooting ... i have to attend again on 13th nov....


Amdocs Core Java Interview Questions
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