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Ambuja Interview Questions
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what are some disadvantages are for using using cement in building a home?

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Your favourite area of interest

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May I Get an E-mail ID or contact details of Mr. C.M.Dordi Vice President - Technical Sales Ambuja Cements Limited. Please


How we detect the leakage current of 11 KV H.T. motors and waht is the maximim limit?

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i want to know about torque of slip ring induction motor


why celing fan is running in anti clock wise and table fan is running in clock wised?

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What are the parameters of water ( Water quality )to be monitored in Centralised HVAC ( water cooler chillers )


what is present rate for excise duty & service tax for f.y 2009/10?

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Process of recruitment and selection of HR in reliance company

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how to calculate the boiler efficiency?any formula is there?

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What is the Chemical Formula of Mineral Oil used in Transformer. It is Challenged for all Chemical Engineers.

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what is the principale of vortex flow meter.

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Difference between PLC and SCADA ? What are merits & De-merits of PLCs ? What are merits & De-merits of SCADAs ?

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Three goals you wish to achieve in the next 5 years

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how slip power recovery system work


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