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Ambuja Interview Questions
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how to calculate the boiler efficiency?any formula is there?

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how slip power recovery system work


Can a 9" x 24" RCC beam be supported on 18" x 18" RCC beam.

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what are the ways to find out the effective ness of the propsed resource plan


What do you mean by incomplete records?


Can you justify why are you expecting more in professional terms ?


What do you mean by Q+5 in dissolution?


How would you sell a used toothbrush? A broken pen? A bitten apple?


I am trying to automate a manual processing of iDOCs in BD87. I used the following code to pass idoc-id to global variable 'DCN' and then skip the first screen of BD87 to go to processing directly. After running this code SET PARAMETER ID 'DCN' FIELD itabhdr-idoc_id. CALL TRANSACTION 'BD87' AND SKIP FIRST SCREEN. it takes me to the first screen because it cannot recognize my idoc-id. How I can pass idoc-id to global? I have used the above code to goto VA02 with VBELN and it worked perfectly.


2. What is the command to lock the TRX


There are n points and each point enclose with x and y axis form a rectangle and find the point using a program which forms the smallest rectangle?


what are the grades of concrete?where and or what purpose a particular grade is used in a particular structure?


How to convert 20 dia bar to 16 dia bar in beam without reducing the steel weight


what are the Growing conditions for OE21 & OE33 cells ?


Partition, what happens if the specified key range is shorter and longer


Mention some of the major contributions made by you in your present and previous jobs


Give five differences between suction and discharge pipes?


what are the primary sales avenues's of a bookstore


Ambuja Interview Questions
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