What does mean the word ?NPA? in Banking Sector

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Answer / bharathi

Non performing Assets.

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Answer / g.sai prasanna lakshmi

Non Performing assets. means the debt which is given by the
bank is unable to recover it is called NPA

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Answer / vikas bhutda

In banking, NPA are loans given to doubtful customers who
may or may not repay the loan on time. There are two types
of assets viz.,performing and non-performing. Performing
loans are standard loans on which both the principle and
interest are secured and their return is guaranteed.

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Answer / manoj

NPA means Non performing assets of banks. It is a loan that
will not recoverd from the customer within stipulated time.

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Answer / vishal gupta


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Answer / pankaj

NPA means that the loan installment is not made since 90 days.

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Answer / rupali

Non- Performing Asset[ NPA] is a a result of asset
liability mismatch.A NPA account in the books of accounts
is an asset as it indicates the amount receivable from the

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Answer / balu

Non performing assets are those which were not recovered
from the customers within the specified time as per
contract made.

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Answer / rajendra kumar

NPA- Non-proforming Assest :- is that type of assest which
bank gives loan to that customer which unable to pay or not
pay his loan in specified time.
NPA means loss assest in banking sector. So, In bank NPA
should low and PA should high.

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Answer / kiran dhakate

It is an amount given by the bank to borrower in the form of
loan. when that borrower of loan SKIPs three installments
continuously i.e. a period of 90 days from the date of last
payment of installment. the borrower fails to pay that
amount in continue till 90 day, it is treated as NON

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