Difference between this(), super()?

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Answer / venki

this can be pointing to current object.
super can be used for accesing super class metods &varibles.
'this &super' are use full for constructers also .
thes two statements defining first satatement of
constructer.'this' is used for accesing current class
constuter.where as super is accessing super class

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Answer / janet

this() can be used to invoke a constructor of the same
class where as super() can be used to invoke a super class

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Answer / priyanka das

"super" is a keyword used to invoke superclass data members and also superclass member methods,whereas "this" is a keyword used to invoke the current class data member as well as current class member methods.

A super object can be used to retrieve super class members."this' object can be used to invoke only the current class members.

Again super() can be used to invoke the superclass constructor where as this() can be used to invoke current class constructor.

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Answer / selvan

this & super is a keyword.
"this" is used to invoke a constructor of a same class,
its pointing the same class object.

"super" is used to invoke a superclass constructor and
accessing the superclass constructor.

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Answer / nikhlesh gupta

this() call one of user define constructor inside another user constructor of the same class such as this(a), this(a,b) & so on.
super() call one of base class constructor inside the derive class constructor such as super(a), super(a,b) & so on.

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Answer / a .k. singh

This keyword is pointing the same class object.and
super keyword is accessing the superc lass constructor

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Answer / a.k.singh

your ans no.6 is wrong because (superc lass )constructor
superc lass mence!!!!!!!!!!1

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Answer / ghulam mujtaba

this()can be used invoke to Constructor of the same class
Whereas super() can be used to invoke a super class

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Answer / bindhu solomon

'this' is a pointer points to the object of the methods
invokes. super() is used to invoke the super class member

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Answer / shanthappa

"this" is the implicit keyword/object oriented by the jvm and supplied to every java programs for two purposes.
1) It points to current class object
2) It whenever formal parameters of the class are similar then jvm gets an ambiguity.
"super" is a keyword which will differentiate base class features with derived class features.
The keyword 'super' is placing an important role in three places in java...
1)at variable level
2)at constructor level
3)at method level

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