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What is Stream Message ?    1  145
How does the Application server handle the JMS Connection?    1  110
What are the core JMS-related objects required for each JMS-enabled application?    1  83
Why doesn’t the JMS API provide end-to-end synchronous message delivery and notification of delivery?    1  89
What is the difference between Point to Point and Publish/Subscribe Point-to-point (P2P)    1  67
What are the three components of a Message ?    1  83
What is the difference between queue and topic ?    1  67
What is Map message?    1  63
What is text message?    1  88
What is object message ?    1  61
What is the difference between BytesMessage and StreamMessage?    1  69
What is the use of MapMessage?    1  52
What is the use of ObjectMessage?    1  55
Why do I get when using JMS MessageListeners from Java stored procedures inside Oracle8i JServer?    1  44
Why doesn't AQ_ADMINISTRATOR_ROLE or AQ_USER_ROLE always work for AQ applications using Java/JMS API?    1  59
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is Publish/Subscribe approach? 17
what is the use of module in weblogic 675
What is the use of 18
What are the steps to send and receive JMS message ? 19
How may messaging models do JMS provide for and what are they? 18
How to Configure Open JMS? 18
How to Allowe messages to expire ? 19
What is difference between JMS and Web Services? 1655
Explain Synchronous Message Consumption in JMS? 19
How to Send object as message in JMS? 21
What is Point-to-Point Approach? 23
Explain Reliability Mechanisms in JMS? 20
Is it possible to create both queues and topics to single jms server? if yes then how it works? 789
Must I place all my class files in the WEB-INF folder and all JSP's outside? 17
Explain Asynchronous Message Consumption in JMS? 18
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