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What is aggregation? cap-gemini   0  41
What is design pattern and there types? cap-gemini   0  24
How do you implement polymorphism in our day to day life? cap-gemini   0  33
Explain JSP life cycle cap-gemini   0  14
What is access modifiers? cap-gemini   0  26
What is OOPS Concept? cap-gemini   1  35
How to prevent to create multiple objects of a java class? tcs   2  107
public class Test { public static void main(String ar[]) { Integer a = 10; Integer b =10; Integer c = 145; Integer d = 145; System.out.println(a==b); System.out.println(c==d); } } igate   7  223
why abstract class does not have object creation value-labs   5  438
Java does not support multiple inheritance. how interface helps in the same? tcs   5  870
what is object slice? htc   2  237
take any 4 input numbers. like 2345.. wanted out put is All 16 combinations of the number 2345.. for example- taking input as 4565 output- 5654 4556 4655.. emphasis   2  538
what type of questions asked for barclays technologies pune please send urgent    0  231
solve (x-1)(x-9)=8; manhattan   0  192
there are N number of matchboxes numbered 1...N.each matchbox contain various number of stick.Two player can alternatevely pick some amount of stick from the higest stick containing box . The player is condidered win if there is no stick after his move.Find the final move so that the move player win. Note:In case the number of stick is equal ,pick the stick from the higest numbered box. manhattan   0  147
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Un-Answered Questions
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What is files manifesting? 265
Where will it be used? 127
what is bmg file and how to create that files?what will it contailn? 380
What does those terms actually mean included in the j.d.k i.6? 302
what is mean by ooad? where we are using? can you tell me any real time example? 266
4.1 Supply contracts (in the form of comments specifying pre- and post conditions) for the enqueue() method of the LinkedQueue class given in the Appendix. (2) 4.2 Let Thing be a class which is capable of cloning objects, and consider the code fragment: Thing thing1 = new Thing(); //(1) Thing thing2 = thing1; //(2) Thing thing3 = (Thing) thing1.clone(); //(3) Explain how the objects thing2 and thing3 differ from each other after execution of the statements. ( 178
What are the differences between Java 1.0 and Java 2.0? 318
how a programmer confirms that the data submitted has been succesfully inserted into the database(either oracle or my sql).. How a programmer confirm if there is any problem with the program he wrote for insertion... ANS:--- >executeupdate method is having boolean return type, if anything goes wrong in data insertion or data updation, it would return false. otherwise, if it successfully inserts data into the database, it would return true NOW HOW TO I CHECK IN MY DURING EXECUTION WHETHER IT RETURNS TRUE OR FALSE... WELL IT WILL DISPLAY ANY MESSAGE OR NOT 238
What is your platform?s default character encoding and how to know this? 391
Java openings 3 - 5 years, Lnt Infotech. requirements - core java, J2ee, struts, hibernate Interview Date:- 19 March 2011 Time:- 9:00 AM to 12:00 Pm Interview Location - L & T Infotech, Manapakkam, Chennai Refererral PS NO:- 291649 (Please mention this when u fill the form only then u will be considered for interview) Documents Required:- Latest Resume, Photograph and last 3 payslips Mail me on once u appear for interview 520
why an outer class cannot be declared as private? 866
why did you choose your career in IT? 266
Can you give names of Container classes? 383
What is Unicast and Multicast object? Where we will use? 378
how to write a server program and sending the mails to the server using smtp protocol please help me 219
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